April 2015

Spring Arts Festival.

Once again the weather cooperated nicely  and we had two days of glorious weather for the Art Fest. I attended on Saturday and the attendance was excellent, however, I was rather disappointed in the number of signs prohibiting photography of their booths. I understand the need  to protect the artists work from plagiarism and I will comply with their request, their loss is the fact that I cannot promote their art or their websites.

I see another dog 1

Many locals brought their pets with them for the outing, which provided a good photo opportunity.

To see more pictures and find out more about the event,  check out website at http://englewoodfl.us and follow the link on the first page to the Art Fest.

 Addendum to List of Restaurants.

It was a forgone conclusion that I would omit listings of restaurants in my last post, so without any further ado let me see if I can rectify the list. First off it would seem that the Vienna Cafe is no longer open (or are on an extended vacation) so let’s move on to the ones I did not include

Cafe 776.       Cafe 776941-475-0819

Open Tuesday thru Saturday   11:30 – 8 pm. American food, platters, soups, salads, sandwiches and burgers.

Located North of Howards at:

138 North Indiana Ave.  (SR 776)

Donna’s Naked Food Company
Naked Foods941-475-2253

Take out Bake Shop and Deli.

Open Mon – Fri. 11 am – 6 pm,
Saturdays 11 am – 4 pm.

2550 Placida Road.


Smokehaus Pub & Grill

Specializing  in German – American food, ribs, wings. chicken, pulled pork, fish and burgers. Chailett

31 Chailett Road, Rotonda West.
(off Placida Road).


 Lake View Restaurant.   Lakeside
941 697-9200

Greek – American Food.

Open 12 noon – 9 pm in season.        Call for hours off-season.

5605 S. McCall Road.

Superday.                  Superday

Not only a gas station but takeout food as well.  Chicken, pizza, ribs, subs, cheesecake and salads are all available.

Superday is located at the intersection of SR 776 and Placida Road.


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