August 2015

Changes on Dearborn Street.

The Old Hardware Store, built by Mr, Ziegler around 1919, has new ownership and also a new purpose in life. The new owners had no intention of maintaining a hardware store, instead they had plans of opening a museum, or housing the CRA, without changing the  character of the building. This did not work out.Old Hardware StoreSo a change of plans was put into effect and the result was an art gallery in one half of the store and the other half being the kayak and paddle board section. The art gallery houses selected works of local artists while the kayak and paddle board handles sales and excursions. Your guide has over 20 years of service with the State in the Parks and Recreation division and will ensure that you have a memorable trip.

Visit the website of the Old Florida Gallery and Outdoor Center by clicking on this link.

The Mermaids Cafe has replaced CoffeeMermaid Cafe
with Kathy, who have returned to the Pacific Northwest for a climate more to their liking. My understanding is that their intentions are to expand the coffee and ice cream  sections to include a deli and bakery.

Do not have a anticipated date for the modifications.
Fence gone

The fence is finally down. It’s been a long time in coming but the newly renovated building will soon be the home to some new tenants. The building used to be the home of the Art Alliance and At Home with Style and is located just east of the Old Florida Gallery and Outdoor Center. The pile of gravel to the right of the picture will be spread and then the pavers, on the left, will be laid.  Should look nice.  I will update as I find out who is leasing space.

Earth Treasures
Directly across the street is Earth Treasures, who have replaced the former tenants, a barber shop. They sell sharks teeth, gems, minerals and figurines.

Stop in and browse.


Color me Englewood 2
Pioneer Days are upon us once again. For a complete list of all the events click on the following link. Click here.
Another event that is upcoming has been started in a number of cities with great success and the Englewood Chamber of Commerce is bringing that same formula here. Over 25 of  the local restaurants have signed up with the Chamber of Commerce to provide you with a culinary experience without breaking the budget.

Lets Eat

                             September 25th  –  October 8th

Check out the web page associated with this event. Click here to be transported to the appropriate page. You could also review previous posts where we have listed the majority of Englewood restaurants and their locations.  Enjoy the post and the events.









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