November 2015

Buchan Airport Fly-In 2015.

Grummon on final1941 Grumman Amphibian on final approach to Buchan Airport

On October 10th we celebrated another breakfast fly-in at the Buchan Airport. The weather cooperated as per usual and the fly-in was a success with many aircraft flying in from various parts of Florida.

Fly-in 01

Arriving early I was able to get a good parking space since there is lots of room with guides to assist you to a space.

To see more of the Buchan Airport fly-in use the following link to take you to the Fly-in appropriate page of the website.

Halloween Safe Walk.

Trick or Treat 18

The annual Halloween Safe Walk was a roaring success.

I heard a couple talking about their impressions of the event and stated that last year they thought the event had run it course, but this year was an extravaganza.

We sat outside a “soon to be open” coffee shop on the north side of Dearborn and just watched the kids walk by.

Click on the following link to view the pictures taken at the Halloween Safe Walk.
Next month’s blog will discuss a number of restaurants that have moved to different locations and a number of new coffee shops that will soon be open.





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