April 2017

Bay Heights Park

Work has been completed on the changes and renovation on the Bay Heights Park, located on S. McCall Road across from the hardware store.

Charlotte County has has provided new covered areas for those who enjoy an outdoor picnic with more than adequate car parking on the north side of the park. The parking lot has been leveled and is paved.

A single boat ramp has also been built and adequate parking for trucks and trailers are provided in the south area of the park.

Once you are in the water it is a short haul to the inter-coastal waterway.

Restroom facilities are a new feature that has been added to the park.


 Mary Brown’s Diner






Long awaited, Mary Brown’s Diner opened and was an immediate success. It would seem that everyone in Englewood has been waiting for the former Dairy Queen to finally decide what it was going to be and from the start the place was packed. It did not seem like there was any need to inform the residents that there was a new chicken place in town, the last one being a KFC that closed many years back.

Mary Brown’s is open at 9 a.m. for breakfast and currently closes at 8 p.m, although the closing time may change depending on the amount of traffic. Although the main thrust of the diner is chicken, but they also serve Fish & Chips, Hamburgers, Skillets, Omelettes and much more.

Fortunately there is plenty of parking in the adjacent lot.



Pick up is available at the counter as well as the drive through.




Ole Time Cafe


The Ole Time Cafe is back in business with new owners.  Breakfast and Lunch is available under the big oak tree.




Mermaids Cafe.


The Mermaids Cafe on downtown Dearborn St. is moving to a new location just east of this facility.


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